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   started off as Jonah, Josh and Darrell videoing their outdoor experiences to preserve memories for the rocking chair days that hopefully lie ahead.  That lead to sharing videos with friends by way of the popular site YouTube, which quickly evolved into our own website where we feature our videos, our pictures, your pictures and our blog.

We don't just hunt, we don't just fish...we try to do it all.  From catching snapping turtles (yes we eat them) to wing shooting doves to landing monster catfish to bowfishing for gar (yea...we will eat those too) to bowhunting spring gobblers....we get it done in the woods and on the water.

Jonah "Bug"

Born and reared in Halifax Co., Virginia.  Its your quintessential Southern county, where people waive and ask strangers how they're doing.  I was a barefoot, busted head, "that's gonna need stitches" kinda kid.  I grew up with a mom that could be as mean as a rattlesnake, but who always went without so that her boys didn't have to. I've had the nickname "Bug" since the time when I was putting yellow streaks in my diapers; I think it was given by an aunt.
I enjoy hunting and fishing, that could be an understatement...I am addicted to hunting and fishing.  Time spent in the outdoors with my ol' man, my brother, and all of our buddies is what I look forward to most.  The experiences shared, old stories told, lessons learned and of course the laughs are priceless to me.
Spring Gobbler is my favorite season.  It is the most beautiful time of year.  Whether you're in the woods or on the water, watching Mother Nature wake up from a long Winter's nap is glorious.  Birds singing, dogwoods blooming...and Tommy Longbeard tearing my nerves all to pieces with thundering gobbles.

Darrell "Dad" "Ol' Man"

Jonah and Josh's ol' man.

Taught his two boys everything they know about hunting and fishing.  Unfortunately for them, he didn't teach them everything HE knows...
at least that's his version of the story.


I've heard it said that every redneck has a nickname that he goes by more than his real name.  Well, maybe not "every" because this one doesn't have one.  But if I did have one it would be "Lucky" because that's what all my friends call me.  They say luck, I say SKILL!!!  But I think we'd all agree that it takes a little of both to be successful in the woods and on the water.

As a kid growing up in Halifax Co., Virginia I spent every opportunity in the woods.  At a very young age my ol' man started taking me and my brother whitetail hunting.  While most kids my age played video games, I was getting up at the crack of dawn and freezing my butt of in the woods with my dad.  I'm thankful for those days because they are now my best memories of growing up.  Still today I spend all of my time in the outdoors hunting and wife can attest to that.

Around here we don't follow the same calendar as the rest of the world, we follow the seasons.....striper season, bass season, turkey season, dove season, deer season, squirrell season, fox season...and the list goes on.
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